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Bachelor of Arts with a Major in French Language and Literature
Concentration in (online only)

School of Arts and Sciences
Department of Arts and Humanities
Jones 111

Program Coordinator:
Dr. Lisa Noetzel 279-5881

The purpose of the Bachelor of Arts with a major in French program is to produce graduates who are prepared to assume a variety of important roles in the local and national communities. The program provides a foundation of required Major courses that include French conversation and composition, language, civilization, French literature and applied French courses for the professions. This approach allows students to develop areas of expertise that best meet the needs of their career paths, including the critical need for French-speaking professionals in business, industry, health care, law enforcement and public service. The program provides a focus on oral communication in professional settings, with opportunities for development of specialized vocabulary, analysis of the language used in professional settings, research in professional areas, and hands-on experiences in the community or abroad. These opportunities prepare students with an understanding of cultural factors affecting communication.

This online Bachelor of Arts in French degree is a collaborative program taught by faculty in four universities and colleges of the University System of Georgia. The student may take the first two years of general education courses either online via eCore or CCGA, or in face to face classes on the campus of the College of Coastal Georgia. All upper level courses (3000 and 4000 level) are taught fully online.

The program is ideal for members of the military, working individuals and “life-long learners” who because of other constraints in their lives need or prefer to pursue a degree or area of enrichment without the necessity of physical attendance at a college or university.

Program Requirements

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Program Curriculum

Total Credits Required for Graduation 120

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