Program Details

Bachelor of Science with a Major in Biological Sciences
Concentration in Coastal Ecology

School of Arts and Sciences
Department of Natural Sciences
Jones 228

Program Coordinator:
Dr. Tate Holbrook  279-5928


The School of Arts and Sciences offers the Bachelor of Science Degree in Biological Sciences. The program offers the student the opportunity to select among five concentrations of study: Biochemistry, Coastal Ecology, General Biology, Biomedical Science and Biological Science Education at the secondary level. The Coastal Ecology concentration prepares students who plan to pursue careers in ecology, conservation biology, marine biology, organismal biology, forestry, wildlife, or natural resource management.

Freshman Requirements
Traditional students wishing to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences must submit SAT or ACT scores. Minimum scores can be found on the Freshman Admissions page on the CCGA website (

Other Information
Students majoring in biological sciences are encouraged to join and participate in the CCGA Biology Club or the Environmental Club.

Coastal Ecology Curriculum
Core Curriculum 63 Credit Hours Biological Sciences program concentration 57 Credit Hours. A grade of C or better is required in all Area F, Biology Core, Required Courses and Coastal Ecology Elective courses. This program meets the BOR requirements of 21 hours upper level (3000-4000) courses in the major field. 30 Credits of upper level courses must be completed at CCGA. Must complete at least 39 hours of upper level (3xxx-4xxx) coursework overall.

NOTE:  Students may apply a total of 8 hours of internship and/or research credit (as listed in the possible electives of the chosen concentration) towards their degree in any combination. Students should note that Financial Aid restrictions may apply.

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Program Curriculum

Total Credits Required for Graduation 120

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