Program Details

Bachelor of Arts with a Major in American Studies
Concentration in History and Political Science

School of Arts and Sciences
Academic Commons North 127 
Program Coordinator:
Dr. Michael Morris  279-5801

The Bachelor of Arts with a Major in American Studies prepares students for careers where strong analytical and communication skills are valued alongside creativity and global awareness. American Studies majors critically examine American life in a curriculum that emphasizes innovative service-learning, historical knowledge and contemporary theoretical approaches to engage actively with the community and region. As the world grows increasingly interdependent, American Studies programs foster a deep historical, cultural and sociological understanding of the position of the United States in a global culture and economy.

American Studies graduates thrive in fields such as Journalism, Mass Communication, Marketing, Education, Technical Writing, Conservation Management, and Environmental Management. The American Studies program also prepares students for graduate programs, including those in the arts, humanities, social sciences, law, business, public policy, and education.

History and Political Science:
The History and Political Science Track examines historical perspectives (both national and regional), along with political and public policy approaches, to shape a nuanced understanding of America, and its identity in a domestic and global context.

Program Requirements

  1. Completion of American Studies Area F courses with a grade C or better
  2. Completion of the required upper division American Studies courses with a C or better.
  3. 2.0 GPA required for graduation.
  4. 30 Credits of upper level courses must be completed at CCGA.

For additional program information, see the college website or contact the Department Coordinator for the Department of Social Sciences at 912-279-5877.

Core Curriculum  (Click to display or hide)

Program Curriculum

Total Credits Required for Graduation 120

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