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Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics


Health Informatics (HI) practitioners improve healthcare by ensuring that the best information is available when making healthcare decisions for patients. In this program, HI students acquire health care-specific competencies using information technologies, managed skills, and health/medical knowledge that are applicable to a large and growing number of important health care positions.

The Health Informatics program combines fundamental concepts in computer science, information technology, health sciences, and business. This program focuses on preparing students with high quality education and skills necessary to improve health care delivery and support health care decisions.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Informatics (BSHI) will have a strong understanding of health care, information technology, information management, and business, and will be able to apply these competencies. They will be able to use these competencies to pursue a growing range of rewarding health-care oriented positions in both the private and public sectors.

The Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics requires successful completion of two years of core curriculum and two years of upper division courses. Students in the BSHI programs are required to take 60 hours in upper division courses during the junior and senior years. Full-time or a part-time enrollment is possible.

Program Qualifications:
To be considered for admission to the BSHI degree program, students must have:

  1. A minimum of 62 credit hours in Area A-G
    1. Essential Skills, 9 hours;
    2. Institutional Options, 4 hours;
    3. Humanities/Fine Arts, 6 hours;
    4. Science and Math, 11 hours;
    5. Social Sciences, 12 hours;
    6. Health Informatics, 18 hours;
  2. A grade of C or better in all Area F courses and MATH 2112.
  3. An institutional GPA of 2.0 or better.
  4. A GPA of 2.5 or better in Area F - Health Informatics courses. (18 credit hours)

Graduation Requirements
After acceptance to the BSHI program, an institutional GPA of 2.0 (or better) must be maintained. Deviation from this requirement will be handled according to the College's satisfactory academic standing requirements. All upper division courses (required and elective) must be completed with a grade of C or better. The BSHI Program requires successful completion of a total of 120 credit hours (see curriculum requirements) for graduation.

Residency Requirements
At least 30 hours of upper division BSHI courses must be taken at CCGA.
Courses taken as required for Area F cannot be counted toward the residency requirement.

Students in the Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics programs are required to take 60 hours in upper division courses during the junior and senior years.

Core Curriculum

Program Curriculum

Total Credits Required for Graduation 120

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